Volunteering with us

Friends Of Refugees needs more volunteers. As a charity run by volunteers, and with everyone having more and more calls on their time, we all do as much as we can. But we could do so much more if the team were bigger.
This is where you can make a difference, where you can share your talents, where you can become part of being the change. You don’t have to have particular skills; we need lovely people who would be willing to help in all manner of activities. If you have special skills that you would like to share to empower others, then that’s great too. Hope to see you soon.
We believe that, together, we can make a difference. Please help us…
Help us by sorting

The generous citizens of Bedfordshire donate tons of both indoor and outdoor clothing, shoes and boots, toiletries, bedding, tents, toys and games etc.


Sorting starts with a quality check, making sure that the donations are in good condition, clean and appropriate for the season and local conditions.

Items not in good condition are collected for rags; local charity shops receive anything impractical or inappropriate; while volunteers wash items in need of freshening up.

We initially sort things into men’s, women’s and children’s clothes. Each category is then sorted again to make it easier for the front-line volunteers to distribute –children’s clothes into age sizes, adults into clothing type, and so on.

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Help us by sharing

We have all heard people talk about refugees as 'terrorists' or as ‘economic migrants’. These comments, which often stem simply from ignorance, dehumanise our brothers and sisters who have been forced to flee from some terrifying places.


Why not share our ‘mythbusting’ email with your contacts? If you like this idea but are concerned about the reactions of your friends and family, contact us to talk it through. Simple actions such as this can ease the transition of refugees within our community and encourage other people to help, too.

Sharing our news and events from the website or our social media accounts is another fast, cost-effective way to get involved and to spread the word.


Find our Facebook page here and our Twitter page here.