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FOR refugees hearts refugees-1186359__34

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FOR Refugee tent

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FOR refugees hearts refugees-1186359__34
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Displaced from their homes, refugees are truly global citizens – and that, surely, is exactly how we should all think of ourselves… Citizens of the world with the good fortune to live in a safe country; one not ravaged by violence and war; one not subjugated by a dictator.
Refugees have nothing; less than nothing. If they live in one of the camps or on the streets, they still live in constant fear. If they have made it to a community like Bedford, they have to start again; have to face prejudice, language barriers and cultural isolation.
We believe that, together, we can make a difference. Please help us…
What we do
How we started

Friends of Refugees exists for two main purposes:

  • to support refugees in a range of practical ways

  • to offer them emotional support friendship.

We focus on those who, having escaped war zones or persecution, arrive in Bedfordshire.

These people have nothing; less than nothing. They have to start again. We believe that, together, we can make a difference.

'Like many others, I saw the body of young Alan Kurdi washed up on a Turkish beach in the summer of 2015. It was heartbreaking.


'Groups of caring people sprang up around Bedford wanting to help. We decided we could be stronger as a single group and Friends of Refugees was born…

'Since then we have collected many tons of clothing, bedding, toys, food and hygiene aid.'

Tim Douglas, founder of Friends of Refugees

Our philosophy

'You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.'

John Bunyan (born Bedford 1628)

Our goals

  1. To harness the love and goodwill of local people and direct donations to where they are most needed.

  2. To actively encourage local people to  recognise the humanitarian needs of refugees, welcome them and help them settle in.

How you can help us

Imagine you are a lifeguard at sea. You see these two people in the water in difficulty. Who would you save?
You have to choose carefully because, under the government’s new anti-refugee Bill, saving one of these men could land you in prison.